Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy Crochet

If you're related to me, you may remember the story of Uncle Rat swinging his toddler nephew Lloyd around in circles in his Cozy Coupe. It was all fun and games until Lloyd sort of slid/fell out the side "window." It all came flashing back to Uncle Rat when we attended the opening of our friend

Kira Burge's art show:

She crochets people's "Deflated Memories." Although Seth wasn't the impetus for this piece, it certainly seems appropriate.

The show runs at The Diva gallery in downtown Eugene through the end of February. It's quite original--check it out!

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Kira Burge said...

wow! you're on top of it. Within minutes of my lasted blog post about my class, you had a new link on your blog. Awesome!