Friday, January 30, 2009

Sick Week

I've been sick with a nasty cough all week. "Unfortunately" I've been too weak/out of it to correct any papers (and grades are due next Thursday), but I have managed to lie around and watch sci-fi movies and knit a bit! I'm writing this with a splitting headache while I drink my smoothie, but I wanted to show off my entrelac scarf. Entrelac is a way of knitting in little connected squares across your work instead of just back and forth in regular rows. The advantage that I can see is that with color changing yarns, (such as Noro's silk Garden #246) the colors clump together instead of making (cough, cough) skinny stripes. Knitting it is like a puzzle. It's really fun. Seth's mama gave me a class to learn how to do it as a Solstice present. I think having someone hold your hand through the process at first is almost required unless you're extra good at figuring out weird written directions.

I got a little spinning done on my Hunting Jacket singles as well. I'm all excited to finish the third single and start plying from my new tensioned lazy kate which Seth made me for Solstice. He made me one a few years ago, but my new WooleeWinder bobbins are too big for it! I know it looks like there are already 3 on there (and so there are) but two are the same because I got confused. The three singles are supposed to be #1) commercially dyed and white merino/bamboo #2) some commercial but mostly home dyed and white merino/bamboo #3) home dyed wool (mostly Shetland cross).

Speaking of cross, being sick sure makes me cross. We were going to go to Stumptown again for a really cool show at a really cool venue, but maybe I'll get some more knitting (or, cough,cough, some grading) done anyhow.


David Thomas said...

I think the entrelac scarf is stunning. It's my favorite type of knitting. I made a scarf similar to yours for my wife but I used Noro Kureyon.

Keep on entrelacing!

David Thomas MD

bigyarnmama said...

That scarf is beautiful! I haven't tried my hand at Entrelac as my knitting time is short spurts and it seems like I have to pay attention to knit like that. Maybe after May! Your wool is lovely too. Did you dye all of those colors? What kind of a wheel are you spinning on? I will be showing Jamie that Lazy Kate as a BIG hint!!!! Hope you recover soon- lots of Ecinachea.

LauraRose said...

If you click the "hunting jacket" link in thispost it will take you to my post about dying all that stuff.

I spin on a Lendrum that my folks gave me when I was about 14--still my only wheel, but I have a double treadle now instead of the original single.