Friday, May 23, 2014

The Final Push

Rose Cottage's Own Electrical Service

Seth's copper work powder room sink and counter for "kitchen" area

  Shopping trip to Jerry's for laundry sink, toilet, heaters, etc.

The laundry sink is awesome.  It has it's own built in washboard, and came with its own cabinet.

One of the things we had to do to be energy efficient is to prove that Rose Cottage is tightly insulated enough.  So this company came and did a "Blower Door Test."  they had to do it twice because he couldn't believe how tight this little building is!

And that was the last step before final inspection! 


Seth cutting battens to finish the siding while I start moving in!

 My "new" Oregon made mid-century Allen Folding loom.  It needs some work, but it came with lots of extras making it a pretty darn good deal.
All this stuff (and more!) is leaving the house for Rose Cottage
The Rose Cottage landscape is filling in.   

The house is very Zen with all that stuff out. 
 OK, well, relatively Zen.