Monday, February 23, 2009

sixth photo challenge

Irie has a challenge on her blog to post the 6th photo of your 6th photo folder and write about it. When I saw that I thought it sounded cool, but I have two photo libraries, and I didn't know how to deal with that at first. I would have just used the "new" photo library, but my husband had been working with the "old" photos and it was the one that was open. So be it. It's more fun to look back a bit further anyhow. As the photo is not overwhelmingly good, I'll have to try to make up for it in the writing!

Photo 6,6:

Sun drenched succulents adorn the cliff faced rocks of the trail between Riomaggiore and Corniglia in the Cinque Terre region of Italy. Of the hundreds of amazing sea-scapes and oddly flattering family photos (we were all drunk with happiness to be in such a gorgeous place--we looked pretty good for us!) and cool close ups of this and that which I shot while I was there, I came across this one in the 6th photo challenge. It may not be the most beautiful, and I certainly never would have blogged about it if it were not for this challenge, but it does convey a sense of the place: semi-arid Mediterranean climate with dry warm winds sweeping up the steep hillsides. We saw mile after mile of this ancient landscape as we walked between the five towns. These paths are as old as the settlements along this stretch of coast in North-West Italy. There is very little access overland to these towns due to the steep terrain rising almost straight up from the sea. Methinks it used to be more fruitful, and intensively farmed--for you can see the terraces going largely unused except for a few olive groves--before the "age of convenience." Perhaps the downturn of the global economy will encourage the people of CInque Terre to bring the Earth to life again there. Of course, these plants show there really is life there already, as they cling contentedly to the edge of the Mediterranean and photosynthesize in relative peace.

Let me know in my comments if you take up the Sixth Photo challenge. I'm looking forward to seeing a few!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Crazy Crochet

If you're related to me, you may remember the story of Uncle Rat swinging his toddler nephew Lloyd around in circles in his Cozy Coupe. It was all fun and games until Lloyd sort of slid/fell out the side "window." It all came flashing back to Uncle Rat when we attended the opening of our friend

Kira Burge's art show:

She crochets people's "Deflated Memories." Although Seth wasn't the impetus for this piece, it certainly seems appropriate.

The show runs at The Diva gallery in downtown Eugene through the end of February. It's quite original--check it out!