Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I Forgot the Fiber!

I was so excited about blogging and traveling, I forgot this very important part! The museum in Victoria is super (get your ticket early in the day and keep going back--they're open until 10--and it includes an historic house and a repro longhouse, but we didn't know about the all day thing so we didn't save enough time. Next time!) There is a very well done display about First nations peoples which contrasts the coastal people to the inland people. Unfortunately I'm not sure who the spinning/weaving was about, but it is cool.

They use big bottom whorl spindles and spin on their legs, much like the Navajo. The B.C. people (there are SO many tribes and sub tribes I can't say exactly who did what where--sorry) seem to spin Chubby Singles! they have this cool roving holder (see the left side of the display). This one was carved as a bird. I love how they had/have such reverence for everything. They use the natural colors for designs. Their looms had a top and bottom branch which the warp wraps all around and is tied together onto a horizontal string which is then removed to get the piece off the loom.

In town I saw some lovely handspun/handknit sweaters for sale. Many of the tags were signed by the makers. The names seemed to be all women. The sweaters were selling from between only $150-$225 (C.D.). I think I should buy one next time. We were in a hurry for some reason (oh, right, we were going to meet Jim Ham--a master bass maker and show him Seth's newest bass and talk about the whole bass making business). Notice the chunky yarn. I really like the animal motifs-- I think these are orcas and eagles.

Most of the sweaters were zip front cardi's (with guaranteed zippers), but there was this one cool poncho tunic thing that I really liked. They also had big fat mittens, hats and ginormous socks, but I didn't get any photos of those.

Speaking of fiber, Port Townsend has 2 little knit shops, both of which even have a (very) little spinning fiber. Bought me a nice Della Q silk drawstring top baggie for 50% off at The Twisted Ewe and some threads for kumihimo at Diva Yarn & Trim. Now off for more shopping/sightseeing! It is really a lovely little old town!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the U.S, back to the U.S, back to the U.S. (of A?)

SO... we thought we would have two hours to explore Beacon Hill Park after parking our car in the ferry line at 12:30 for the 3 pm ferry, but oh no. No, because it involves the US customs/Homeland security system you need to be in line/back in your car 90 minutes (yes, that is an hour and a half) before departure so they can pre-inspect you. Yes, you basically get to go through US customs Twice. Before and after the ferry ride. Boy was I mad. We parked and basically ran up the hill to the top of the park. We looked at the view of the Olympic Mountains for literally One minute, then fast walked back to the ferry to wait in line to be inspected. Thank goodness for knitting! I finished the first sleeve of my turquoise cotton cardigan while we waited. MAYbe I can finish the whole thing in time for Rena and Lisa's wedding?! That's 4 days, much of which is riding in the car...or on ferries.

Didn't get much knitting time on the ferry between Victoria and Port Angeles though because we were too busy watching the Olympics--and I don't mean the ones in China! We didn't really get any lunch, unless you count Fritos and Doritos Cool Ranch chips, or maybe you would count the Twix bar..., but we made it to the Palace Hotel In Port Townsend without collapsing and had a nice dinner at the Silverwater restaurant. There is free wireless in this very cool old hotel so I've been messing about with the blog--the sweater will never get done at this rate!

Northward Ho!

Seth and I are taking a week to drive North to Victoria, Port Townsend and Seattle on various bass business ventures and summer fun quests. On the 25th we drove up the Olympic peninsula along the Hood Canal, which is quite warm (see feet in water!) compared to the rest of Puget Sound. we spent longer in Port Angeles than intended due to summer being very busy for ferries. Luckily there was a little art show going on with sand castle building and Fresh Hats. You'll see my new orange hat soon!
We got to Victoria around 11 pm and checked into the Strathcona Hotel--great basic old hotel right downtown for a reasonable rate ($115 including parking and lame breakfast). Have had several great meals including lunch at Rebar (one of the best vegetarian mostly restaurants ever) with mint wheatgrass pineapple juice (Mom, can you believe I would drink something so green? It was delicious!) There are great old (nouveau riche old not old money old--there is no old money on the West coast)houses and gardens around too. I'm writig this from the Old Time deli/Classic coffe with the best lattes we've had here--they taste like Italy.
OK--time to get sightseeing some more! Seth just deserted me for a used bookstore.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

First Post On My Own

um, yeah, so it says I have my own Blog? Could be dangerous...