Monday, July 28, 2008

Northward Ho!

Seth and I are taking a week to drive North to Victoria, Port Townsend and Seattle on various bass business ventures and summer fun quests. On the 25th we drove up the Olympic peninsula along the Hood Canal, which is quite warm (see feet in water!) compared to the rest of Puget Sound. we spent longer in Port Angeles than intended due to summer being very busy for ferries. Luckily there was a little art show going on with sand castle building and Fresh Hats. You'll see my new orange hat soon!
We got to Victoria around 11 pm and checked into the Strathcona Hotel--great basic old hotel right downtown for a reasonable rate ($115 including parking and lame breakfast). Have had several great meals including lunch at Rebar (one of the best vegetarian mostly restaurants ever) with mint wheatgrass pineapple juice (Mom, can you believe I would drink something so green? It was delicious!) There are great old (nouveau riche old not old money old--there is no old money on the West coast)houses and gardens around too. I'm writig this from the Old Time deli/Classic coffe with the best lattes we've had here--they taste like Italy.
OK--time to get sightseeing some more! Seth just deserted me for a used bookstore.

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deaf one said...

Whadup homies, love you, love the blog, hope you enjoy the trip. can't wait to hang back in the gene

Robison & Piper