Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the U.S, back to the U.S, back to the U.S. (of A?)

SO... we thought we would have two hours to explore Beacon Hill Park after parking our car in the ferry line at 12:30 for the 3 pm ferry, but oh no. No, because it involves the US customs/Homeland security system you need to be in line/back in your car 90 minutes (yes, that is an hour and a half) before departure so they can pre-inspect you. Yes, you basically get to go through US customs Twice. Before and after the ferry ride. Boy was I mad. We parked and basically ran up the hill to the top of the park. We looked at the view of the Olympic Mountains for literally One minute, then fast walked back to the ferry to wait in line to be inspected. Thank goodness for knitting! I finished the first sleeve of my turquoise cotton cardigan while we waited. MAYbe I can finish the whole thing in time for Rena and Lisa's wedding?! That's 4 days, much of which is riding in the car...or on ferries.

Didn't get much knitting time on the ferry between Victoria and Port Angeles though because we were too busy watching the Olympics--and I don't mean the ones in China! We didn't really get any lunch, unless you count Fritos and Doritos Cool Ranch chips, or maybe you would count the Twix bar..., but we made it to the Palace Hotel In Port Townsend without collapsing and had a nice dinner at the Silverwater restaurant. There is free wireless in this very cool old hotel so I've been messing about with the blog--the sweater will never get done at this rate!


Kerry said...

Whoo-hoo. You're way ahead of most of us--you've got your own blog! Loved Seth's website too. What kind of camera are you using for the photos? Is it a digital slr?
Look forward to reading more.

LauraRose said...

Thanks for the compliment, but no, my camera is a digital point and shoot fuji finepix. it takes decent outdoor shots, but often the indoor ones are a bit blurry (I try not to post those!). Seth's old Fuji finepix was better.