Saturday, October 8, 2016

Thread Organized!

 I am not going to write much, in case this doesn't work, because I'm trying to do it from my phone. I saw an idea on Pinterest for organizing your thread spools on dowels, and I was talking to my brilliant husband, Seth,  about it, and he said, "You could use old knitting needles." My job dropped at his brilliance, because I had been wondering how you would keep them from falling off the other ends of the dowels.  I exclaimed, "You're smarter than Pinterest!" He replied that he is also smarter than Facebook. No doubt about that!  Anyhow, goodness knows that I have enough old aluminum knitting needles but I have never gotten rid of for some reason. I also lucked out tremendously, when I walk two blocks to the nearest St. Vincent Depaul, and found the perfect vase: wide all the way down with a nice heavy bottom and tall enough to not tip over. Not to mention it was marked at four dollars but was a green tag 50% off week so it was only two dollars!

OK, back to the computer--couldn't do anything with the photos or video from my phone.  Let's see....

Well, the video wasn't that amazing anyhow.  you get the idea! ;)

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