Friday, April 24, 2015

I Am Not a Food Blogger or An Apple Tech Blogger, but I Try to be Helpful

     I have put only one recipe up before if I recall correctly, my pictures are weak and, well,  they aren't even pictures as there is only one.  However, these were fun and tasty and I bothered to write type down my changes and I took a picture, so maybe someone else will make them and like them. 

      AND I figured out how to save a Pages document as a jpg finally!  From Pages you "Export" as a PDF, then open that with the Preview App (NOT the free  Adobe Reader). From there choose "Export" again and you can choose from JPEG, JPEG-2000, OpenEXR, PDF, PNG or TIFF!  So now I can get text documents to show up here.  Yippee!

    I have yet tot see if it's big enough to actually read it when it publishes of course.

● ● ●

       Speaking of clear enough to read, I have looked through both January and August 1944 of the Sunday Oregonian, and neither has the  Arthur A. Allen loom article.  I really think that article is not from 1944 anyhow, as the way they printed back then was VERY tightly spaced--none of those weird little 3 dots to separate different sections.  And though there was a Sunday Magazine section, it didn't SAY Oregon Sunday Magazine at the bottom, which it does on one of my photocopy pages.  Research suggestions anyone?

● ● ●

      WHOA!  I need to apologize for saying that the Website of the Historic Loom Manuals didn't have anything helpful!  SORRY!  

     So, regarding the Thinking of Ideas for research possibilities: after about a half hour of fruitlessly seating for some sort of hit on the Author of the article, I thought, "Oh! Perhaps I should just type in the Title of the Article," and KAPOW:

Can you read the green highlighted part?  IT'S THE DATE! Allen Looms AL1- "Looms for Smaller Rooms". Article from The Oregonian Sunday Magazine. 8-7-49. 3 p. 

It was right at the top, so, I, uummmmm,  didn't read it (classic mistake & bane of every teacher's existence). It even has the page number!

OK, so now I really need to get some real work done so I can head back to the library!

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