Sunday, October 26, 2014

Break Away

I am writing this from The Cornelius House--our favorite vacation rental in Newport, Oregon.  Unfortunately,  it's for sale, so it may be our last time here.  Fortunately we have enjoyed staying here with our group of excellent friends several times, so really I shouldn't complain.

Newport is the home of Oregon's largest fishing fleet.

We come and cook tons of excellent fresh seafood which we purchase at Local Ocean.

We spend a lot of time playing games and looking at the view. Today we have an excellent gale blowing in from the south to watch through "our" picture window.

Or maybe we even spend some time writing on our blog!

The Cornelius Club
Fresh Coho and Shrimp Risotto

Or not.  Maybe just keep eating.

The Cornelius Club (invented by me): Good artisanal white bread, wasabi mayo, spinach, red onion, tomato, GENTLY GRILLED FESH ALBACORE, and BACON!


Wendy said...

October is the perfect time for a beach vacation in the West. I read your post in a vacation house that we rented by the beach down here.

Wendy T.

LauraRose said...


Angel The Alien said...

I've been to Newport before but just stayed overnight. I loved it there! We went to the beach with the lighthouse, and we went on the boardwalk and looked at the seals who were all gathered around the dock barking! It was fun!