Friday, September 26, 2014

Another Go at Blogging On the Go

After that first mobile blogging attempt I went out of WiFi land for awhile, but now I am back in civilization! It's hard to believe but my mom and dad actually have WiFi at their 200 year old farmhouse now. It's not that the house is old that makes that hard to believe of course, it's that it's my parents!

Right now, I'm showing my mom how to use a touchscreen.  She loves it.  Look out internet, here comes Susan!


So using the full blogger website didn't work very well at all, so I have paid big money ($5) for an app: here goes.

Well that was easy.


Angel The Alien said...

Yeah, wifi is awesome! When I was housesitting I paid semi-big bucks for a mobile wifi thing, because they didn't have it and I'd die without the Internet! I also tried an app on my tablet that lets you write with a stylus on Blogger, like normal handwriting, and turns it into type... but it didn't work so well.

SarahSeattle said...

Well here goes try #3 in making a comment. The other two were from my iPhone, and disappeared when I hit publish. Oh, Now I see, I have to hit preview first, and make like a human. I like the immediacy of what you are blogging now. The photos are good, and I liked the pic of Seth concentrating. How did the violin convention go? Next, show us your knitting!

LauraRose said...

I don't know if there is a way to reply to individual commenters, but thanks to both of you! Sarah, I completely forgot to take a picture of my mom in those legwarmers, but maybe she could send me one with her new ethnology! My next post is half written--all about weaving this week, but I've had a cold and have been sleeping a lot!