Sunday, June 8, 2014

Rose Cottage is Open for Fuzzy Fiber Fun!

   Step right in.
 Lamby and Minky will welcome you and protect your head from the stair corners.

Can you tell I'm excited about the ironing board and ex-ironing board bookshelves?

 Piper's Corner

All the curtains are "up- cycled" hand-pieced quilt tops that I got at St. Vincent De Paul's!

Cool old glass shades from Hippo Hardware.

Rosie says, "Don't just stand there, go check out the upstairs loft."

 It's hard to back up far enough to get good photos up here.  I love that I fit so much craft stuff under our little ol' antique rope bed.

The bed doubles as a handy workspace, but I'll clear it off for you if you come visit.
I'm looking forward to it getting even more overgrown! 

Window is open, hoping that Bumbles will figure out she can go in and out. See the back of the curtains show all that cool hand-stitching some spirit quilter did just for me?
 Come visit. I'll make us some tea and we can craft the afternoon away!