Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Word Lite -- easy on yer brain

I am so behind! The Rose Cottage is nearly complete--we literally only need about 4 more things to get wrapped up and we'll be done!--but anyone who looked here would never know it!

So, here is one of my infamous whirlwind photo heavy, sparing text, catch-up posts, to continue the saga of how to build an art studio in your neighbors' back yard:

STEP 24:
Call Rock Roofing (they did our house a few months ago) and have them come back in the fog and use the same super-coolio red shingles on Rose Cottage as we put on our house:

Have Andrew from Salamander Construction come back and start putting up your redwood board siding.  He was very patient with cutting the top of each board just a weetle different at the top for the crazy swoopy roof!

STEP 26: Mask the heck out of the place before the insulation blowers arrive!
STEP 27: Wait for it to be the second worst snow storm of the year to have your insulators drive over the mountains to get to your job. Then have them Blow in this stinky, but highly effective, stuff, just before you leave for the weekend.   Exciting day!  

This is taken after our return--you weren't allowed in for 48 hours!
 This stuff is hard as a rock though! And it's a vapor barrier.

STEP 28: Call Rick's Rain Gutters to put up some nice
 galvanized half pipe gutters and downspouts. They look really old school--and they match our house, too!

STEP 29:   SHEETROCK!   Oh, yeah! Lookin' like a room!

STEP 30: Plaster.  


These guys were fast and awesome and I LOVE plaster.  I love the roughness and the look. It just seems "real" in a world where so much is pre-fabricated.  Smearing mud on your walls--can't get much more old school than that.
Wheeeelll, I'm no where near caught up, but I'm going to give myself carpal tunnel if I keep clicking away much longer! Hope you are enjoying this!  I know someone is looking at it because the Google tells me so.  Feel free to leave a comment.  I'm pretty sure it's fairly safe to do so.  (Is that enough qualifiers?)


bigyarnmama said...

You are getting a studio??? I can't wait to come and create in it with you!!

LauraRose said...

Yes! I am moving stuff in this week! Drop by anytime!

Sigh, if you guys really move here I can say that for real!

Thanks for the comment.

SarahSeattle said...

Wow! I had given up on your blog. Good to see you back with such good news. We might come down for Black Sheep and see you then. Your new studio is lovely!

SarahSeattle said...

I can't wait to see your studio. We are coming down to BSG. Hope to see you there. Hugs