Sunday, March 1, 2009

February is for Finishing

A few weeks ago I noticed that there is a Ravelry group by this name, and although I didn't join it (I didn't want that sort of pressure!) the idea struck me as a good one. I only finished two very small projects, but I'm pretty close on a sweater.
Last week I finished my Entrelac scarf, which I have worn almost constantly--even while I'm inside! It is SO soft (Noro Silk Garden; colorway 246). I decided to bind off when I hit (yet another) knot in the yarn that wasn't tied to the same section of color. I was a bit disappointed because I like really long scarves. It turns out though that entrelac stretches A LOT. When I washed and hung it to dry, it totally stretched out to over 6 feet long! Very Dr. Who.

I also completed my own beaded spiral bracelet. Now all the women and girls in my family have one--a twist (HA!, spiral...twist..get it?) on the friendship bracelet theme.

They aren't huge projects, but they're lovely (if I may say so myself), and I'll take whatever accomplishments I can claim.
Besides, there's always March (and April, and May, and ...).

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