Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stormwater Rises (#14)

I did it! I finished my first lace project: The Stormwater Scarf made of Handmaiden Seasilk. The yarn shop in Seattle where I actually bought the yarn did not have the pattern, but the kind people at Handmaiden emailed it to me when I told them of my predicament as they only sell it as a kit, but I already had the yarn.

The blocking was completely magical. Even with the half sized skein you can see it came out quite large after blocking. I  simply had to cast off before I lost my mind with fear of a huge mistake. I could have done at least 3 more repeats with the amount left .  I had seen blocking work on other people's blogs, but still, I was quite surprised that it took my lovely, but rumply piece and turned it into an amazingly open, flat item in which one can see all the stitches! 

Don't look too closely though, there are some definite pattern mistakes.

Still, I lovelovelove it! Don't worry; I'm still going to give it to my friend. I'm not THat selfish.


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Irie said...

beautiful!! I have some seasilk in my stash as well.. nice to see what it could turn into, if I would ever get around to it!! :)

Geoff said...

Laura: I loved seeing your stuff here. I tried to write something fun and clever before, for I really like that about you. If this gets through, just know that I'm sending those vibes. Your fiber love is wonderful! Thanks for the compliment too.
Whee! --Laura K.