Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eugene summer

Many of you may have heard of the Eugene Saturday Market. It's a great combination craft fair and farmers' market. You may not realize there is also a smaller, Tuesday market in the same location.
It's more produce oriented, and a lot quieter. I managed to get down there for my last possible visit this year the day before school started to get some flowers to beautify my classroom. Take a guess how much those flower bouquets cost. Wrong! They were huge and they were only $10.00!

Another great place to see flowers in Eugene is the Rose Garden. I wish I could capture the scents. A wide angle lens would help, too. They are lovely individually and taken altogether.

The Rose Garden is located in East Skinner Butte Park just west of Skinner's Butte.

We are very lucky to live quite close to this park and the river.

We even have a great new playground there which is a playful re-creation of old-time Eugene and includes fun water features for the kiddos.

Do come visit sometime!

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